"You Said" & "We Did"

February 2022

This is amazing, **** has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with coach Mia and has taken so much away from it. Thanks again from us to everyone at Wodson for the opportunity.

I'll keep an eye out for the post!

February 2022

I just wanted to say that ###### has loved her time with Wodson and Lynn has been an amazing coach, she has really helped her develop as a player and we are very grateful to her.

February 2022

That’s amazing! **** will be thrilled when I tell her! What a lovely scheme to set up. **** loves every minute at Wodson - thank goodness she moved!
I will let you know what dates she would like to do when I’ve spoken to her.
Thanks again,

November 2021

**** absolutely loves the netball and adores you. We both think you're brilliant with the girls . Thank you for all your support, kindness and enthusiasm

November 2021

I just wanted to let you know that at our game on Sunday in the Stanborough league the mums of ******* came over to say how impressed they were with how slick and confident our girls were as a team and how impressed they were with how they played together. They asked about the club in general and the coaches and the leagues the girls were entered into. They in particular commented on how our coaches were firm but supportive and how they said it showed the girls played together and were happy and confident in each other. They mentioned how positive encouragement was what they could see in our team. We said how Wodson is such a team environment and it shows I think so much when the teams play. It’s a credit to what the club does so well. That goes for both my girls playing with you at different levels. And lovely to see it recognised in competitive matches when the girls are competitive but fair and play as a team. Congratulations to the coaches for their girls and how other teams see them too. Getting all girls at all levels playing together is what Wodson does so well. I just thought it’s worth telling you as I’m sure most emails are admin based or complaints.

May 2021

'My team wanted me to pass on what a nice team Wodson Blues were to play against, such a lovely group of girls. It was a really nice match. If they ever want a friendly just let us know'.

March 2021

Wodson netball club has really helped her confidence over these past years and having a B team has been an amazing opportunity for her to develop and meet new girls outside of school and I'm really pleased to see how well the club has developed and the support you've all given the girls at every level. Lots of great memories.

November 2020
S&C feedback

I love doing the S&C as it wakes me up and keeps me moving especially in lockdown. I've found it's started to improve my stamina and core strength.

I enjoy doing the S&C as it challenges me and has given me new ideas for my own workouts. Lee pushes us hard and I feel I improve every time.

Yeah I enjoy it and I feel like it helps me a lot. I think I would do it after lockdown if I could because it pushes me.

I really enjoy doing the S&C because it's helping me get fitter and I think I would definitely carry on doing it after lockdown.

**** really enjoys Lee's sessions. She said it's the hardest and really challenges her. Oh - and he plays music!

******really likes the Sunday sessions with Lee also she would be happy to continue.

****loves Lee's sessions - hard work but really enjoyable.

**** thinks Lee's are the best sessions, she would definitely be up for doing it permanently.

November 2020

Another good Wodson fitness zoom session this evening. Really applaud the club for doing this in lockdown .

November 2020

She's loved the zoom classes and they've been really good for her fitness. She may not be the best netball player, but she absolutely loves playing netball and that's the most important thing at her age!

November 2020

***** is really enjoying the club zoom sessions, please pass our appreciation onto everyone running them .

January 2020

Despite ****** appearing super confident inside she actually struggles at times and I know she has felt welcome at Wodson and part of the Wodson Family so please pass on my thanks to all of your team.

September 2019

Ahhh she is going to be so happy.
She has spent the last 4/5 years supporting her big sister now it’s her turn shine.
Thank you all for giving her the opportunity, we love our club

Also, a big thank you to the coaches at Wodson for giving our girls some encouraging words at the end of the game yesterday. Really appreciate them doing that and I think the girls did too. Even though we lost heavily, the feedback from our girls is that they really enjoyed it. I'm so glad they played such nice teams for their first games...they're all a credit to you, Sue and the Club as a whole....you've done a fantastic job and if I can do even half the job you've done and I'll be happy.

July 2019

Hi All

I just wanted to say ta big hank you for putting on such a great weekend. The parents and girls in our team had a fantastic time a great bonding experience for everyone which allowed other members of our families to be involved in. Seeing all our girls together in a holiday resort environment was very special.

June 2019

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for how much your club has helped our ****** to massively overcome her anxiety. I completely believe that in playing netball and having amazing encouragement from your wonderful coaches has taught her so much self belief and how to cope with her emotions and know that she can achieve anything. When she first started she cried every time. Now she asks me every other day ‘whens my next match’ with huge excitement. Thank you all for playing a big part in bringing back my happy ****** Xxx

April 2019

Thanks for the email, how exciting. **** is thrilled to be nominated and will be there.
Thank you all for your time. She is still loving her netball .

**** is really enjoying her time coaching with the club. Thanks for the opportunities you are providing her with.

December 2018

Thank you Lee, Jackie, Sue and all the Wodson team for everything you do; the girls are very lucky to be part of such a fantastic club and a big thanks on behalf of ****, she has achieved more than she ever hoped for.

September 2018

Wodson park was completely full when I first looked for netball spaces two years ago so I have had experience of several other clubs over the last few years with both my girls. I would like you to know that your club by far exceeds others in terms of communication with myself, training camps and development . ****** is a very keen team player and I hope will be a great addition to your squad. Your club has a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere for players and parents.

June 2018

I know how much work and effort you all put in. Many clubs would concentrate just on the winning teams but your wider commitment to 'netball' ,passion to spread it wide, investing in coaching and ensure inclusivity has always been something I've really admired so thank you for being WPNC

February 2018

I cannot tell you how much **** is loving it!.She was buzzing when she finished 'we did dictation and defending,it was brilliant - just like a masterclass!' She has gained so much in the past 2 weeks its just amazing and I can see she has really upped her game again!

Just to say, it is incredible value what you offer at WPNC. Not just fantastic netball coaching, great fitness and a very happy place but the opportunity for the social side for girls. I have loved watching the U15 Sky grow and both Mia and Jane have been amazing with them.

Little Shooters is also huge fun and brilliantly organised.

Thank you so much, **** is so excited to be joining Wodson and you guys have made the transition so smooth for her, its been an amazing week for her!
Thank you again for making this such a positive experience for ****

January 2018

You Said Thank you so much for giving ***** this opportunity!! Honestly,she really like to play Netball and she would like to gain more experience.Last night I seen the coaches were good.I would really like her to join in this team and it was pleasure to meet you too !!

December 2017

You Said Sounds like the girls did amazing. Thanks for everything you have done for ****so far. She is loving netball again!!

October 2017

You Said Just wanted to say thanks for allowing **** to join Wodson. She loved this morning and was fab for her to have a win against her old team!

March 2017

You Said Just to say the mums I know who come to Little Shooters are really impressed and think it's going great. ***** loves it too.

October 2016

You Said You beat me to it!
Thank YOU all so much. The impact of them playing together on Saturday was so powerful and positive and I think you have a fabulous inclusive but determined attitude at WP for everyone to do well.
It was nice to see you.

You Said **** enjoyed it but felt she would have liked options to make some of the exercises harder.
We did We have passed your comment onto Ben

You Said ******** feedback - I really enjoyed myself, everything Ben did pushed us hard but in a fun way, can't wait for the next session
My feedback - fantastic idea to build the girls fitness and stamina, looked like they all had a lot of fun Ben made it very enjoyable to participate in and watch!

You Said ****** really enjoyed the S and C work out on Friday her legs were like jelly afterwards! The only thing she said was that she would like some older people to take part too as she was the eldest there but other than that she found it to be an enjoyable killer!

You Said *** loved the strength and conditioning session :)

You Said **** absolutely loved it.
Ben's a great motivator who gets the balance right between working hard and still having fun.
I think he's an amazing addition to your team and the girls will get so much from him training them (more than they probably realise at the moment).
The video on FB looked great !

You SaidStrength and conditioning was brilliant and ******* really loved it and thought it was fun to complement Tuesday's netball training.